OFO Fed E News Logo

This assignment was to create a logo and letterhead for the newly created E News social media accounts and website. As the federal government is increasingly diving into the digital world it is important for them to have a recognizable logo. This was the purpose of this project was that so they have a logo to use when they start to post their news and information online. Working on this project required gathering a lot of other employee’s opinions at the office. The first day I worked on it I walked around the office asking what their opinions were on a few sketches of potential logos. After that I went back to my desk and worked with all of the suggestions given.



Section 501 The Final Rule on Affirmative Action for People with Disabilities

My last project was to create a brochure for the newly issued final rule on affirmative action for people with disabilities. In January of 2017 the EEOC issued the final rule, which amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The new rule requires federal agencies to adopt employment goals for individuals with disabilities, with sub-goals for individuals with targeted disabilities, provide personal assistance services to certain employees who need them, and meet a humber of other requirements designed to improve the recruitment, hiring, retention, and advancement of individuals with disabilities in the federal workforce. All federal agencies will be required to follow the final rule beginning on January 3, 2018. This newly created brochure will be passed out at training presentations that the EEOC gives and will be provided to all federal agencies in preparation for the new rule to take effect.