Category: Project 10

10.3 The Finale

The final part of project 10 was to fill the wireframe with images and information about ourselves and the website. I really enjoyed making a website about myself and stuff I am interested in. I think my website turned out exactly how I had planned and turned out nicely as a whole. If I could change something I would just get rid of the bio page, add that information to the about page, and then make another page with something else.

Project 10.2

For part 2 of project 10 we had to create a wireframe for our website. I am going with the video game theme so I picked a bright green, red, and black color scheme. The about page will have general information about me and video games along with a slideshow of some in game images and then below information about a couple games. I didn’t have time to create a bio page but it will be more or less the same setup as the about page, but talk about more of my personality and my upbringings. The gallery page will feature a few images of art that are game themed or have a fantasy feel to them and then 2 videos, one about me that I made for my moving images class and then a video edit of gameplay. I really like the layout and color scheme I have going so far, it took a lot longer than I thought to get the layout and header set up but now that I have it creating the bio page should be quick work.

Project 10.1

Project 10 is a website for ourselves where we talk about ourselves and include the work that relates to how we describe ourselves. Part one was to just make a table with a bunch of words that describe us, relate to us, or are important to us and then categorize them into a bio page, about page, and portfolio page. I had a hard time coming up with a lot of words to use for myself, but I think the theme I want to use will work well in the coming parts of the project.