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Top 3 Complaint Issues 2015

This was the first project that I worked on this summer. Both were created to be used on the commission’s website and social media pages to display the top 3 complaints that were filed with the EEOC in 2015. One had to specifically include the USPS and one not include it because one of the top 3 issues was only filed by employees from the USPS. This project required utilizing the spreadsheets of date and formulate a layout that would work with the data as well as display it in a visually pleasing manner.




Senior Pay Level by Disability

This next project was also for the commission’s website and social media pages. This info-graphic displayed the senior pay disparity among people with disabilities showing how employees with a disability are disproportionately represented among those receiving senior level pay in the federal government. The hope of this graphic is to bring more awareness to the issue and to help federal agencies combat the problem and give employees with disabilities equal opportunities.


Leadership Conference Flyer

This project was a flyer for a leadership conference that is organized by the EEOC each year. The purpose of the conference is to teach upper-level management in both the federal government and private businesses how to better lead their workforce and comply with the EO laws that are in place and enforced by the EEOC. The flyer was sent around to all of last years participants, as well as being posted on the commission’s social media pages.


Disability Law and Harassment Fact Sheets

This assignment was to create a series of fact sheets that show information about disability law, preventing retaliation, reasonable accommodation, and workplace harassment. I read through many of the EEOC’s website pages to gather information on the topics and narrowed down much of the detailed information given from the websites in order to condense it to fit in a more visually pleasing info sheet, while still providing the necessary information on the topic. The idea when starting this project was that these fact sheets would replace some of the web pages that just have only text on the topics and the fact sheets would also be used in training presentations given by the Training and Outreach Division.


Preventing Retaliation

Reasonable Accommodation ADA

Workplace Harassment ADA

Workplace Harassment Employee ADA

Workplace Harassment Supervisors and Managers ADA

Employer Checklists

This assignment was to create a series of checklists for employers to help create a holistic harassment prevention program in the workplace. These checklists will be given to employers during training presentations as well as be posted on the commission’s website for both federal agencies and private businesses to utilize to comply with EO laws. I went through previous training material to compile a list of goals that employers should strive for in order to prevent workplace harassment.






Procedural Decisions Info-Graphic

This assignment was to create two different info-graphics that will be used along side a slideshow presentation to depict the 3,751 appeals that the Office of Federal Operations resolved in 2016 and the 1,938 procedural decisions issued by OFO in 2016. Along with creating the info-graphics I had to research some of the appeals and procedural decisions to give information about some of the most common cases filed


closures infographic

PAS and Goals Fact Sheets

This next assignment was to go through a slide show of a recent affirmative employment for persons with disabilities regulation and create a fact sheet on both Personal Assistance Services and Utilizing and Analyzing Goals. The main points of the PAS fact sheet are that PAS are non-medical, and is only assistance performing activities of daily living. The main points of the Goals fact sheet are to explain and show federal agencies that there is a goal of having a representation rate of 12% of people with disabilities and 2% of people with targeted disabilities.